In addition to joining the club and coming to events there are many ways to become involved with the club.

Join the Board: We have a great core but need more help and fresh ideas.
Contact: Julie Agar at

Host an Event: We know the local Harvard community is full of talented people involved in a wide range of activities. If you have an idea for an event, please let us know.
Contact: Mary Ann Lasch at

Stay in Touch: By joining the club and giving us your updated contact information so we can keep you informed. Give us your email address and we can quickly update you on club activities. Also, please let us know about alumni who are new to the area.
Contact: Julie Agar at

Harvard Book Prize:

This year is the 106th anniversary of the Harvard Book Prize, given by Harvard alumni worldwide to outstanding high school juniors.  Thousands of Book Prizes are awarded annually, and HCNEO carries on this tradition throughout Northeast Ohio.  Our Club gives nearly 40 books each year, including schools in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and several Cleveland suburbs.  Our awards recognize the students' achievements and it motivates them to strive for college and to complete the college applications.  Please consider a donation of $30 with your membership to continue this important effort.  We greatly appreciate it.  For more information, contact Charlie Braun at

cbraun@customrubbercorp.comClick HERE to donate to the book prize.
Contact: Charlie Braun at

Interview Applicants: Join the splendid group of volunteers who interview prospective Harvard students. Contacts: Jared Levin (, Cleveland), Lora Levin (, Cleveland), Jim Griffin (, Akron), Dennis Lewis (, Warren/Youngstown)

Young Alumni: If you’re a recent graduate, or simply young at heart, and would like to get involved in the HCNO, this is the place for you. This group will organize social and community service event events for people who have graduated in the last 10 years. Join us for our first event on October 8th.
Contact: Akshay Sharma

Scholarship Essay Contest:

Now starting its 6th year, the HCNEO Scholarship Essay Contest allows for three $500 scholarship to be given to students who are high school seniors during 2016-17, who were recipients of the Harvard Book Prize in their junior year.  These seniors will start college in the Fall of 2017.  To many $500 may not seem like much, but to these young people it can be the difference in going to college or not going at all.  We appreciate your generous giving and we ask that you send in your donation of $25 or more when you send in your dues.  For more information, contact Audrey Petsche Sims at or (216) 374-5282.

Cleveland Goes 2 College (CG2C), founded eight years ago in our Harvard Club, makes one-hour early college awareness presentations in Cleveland public schools every school year. We now comprise 75+ volunteers from 15+ local college alumni clubs, and we visit 12 schools every year--six K-8 and six high schools. Cleveland public school students are greatly disadvantaged by going to school in the nation’s poorest big city, where property taxes bring in way too little money but make up almost 60% of the district’s budget. Suburban schools spend much more per student. Partly as a result, only a small percentage of Cleveland Municipal School District’s 9th graders each year ever graduate from college. But in one hour, we tell them what they need to do to get into college and how to get scholarships to pay for it. Typically at the end of a CG2C program, three quarters of students say they are planning to go to college. That’s great! However, because there are over 100 Cleveland schools and CG2C currently visits only 12, we need more volunteers to help reach all the kids! Click HERE to donate.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact John Miller ’68 at or (216) 321-5018.

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