Visit to the Stone Age with Dr. Metin Eren ‘05

Sunday, September 30, 2-4 pm at Kent State University

Meet at Lowry Hall, Room 143.  750 Hilltop Drive, Kent, Ohio.

Plenty of parking on the street


Eren Laboratory for Prehistoric and Experimental Archaeology at Kent State University is the world's premier experimental archaeology lab.  Dr. Eren’s research focus is the Paleolithic (Stone Age) period. Specifically, he focuses on the ways our species colonized new and unfamiliar landscapes as they moved out of Africa and spread around the world.

Our visit to The Eren Lab will update the Harvard Club on all of the Lab’s exciting archaeological research a shooting demonstration, the creation of several different replica artifacts, and live viewing (and holding!) of real ancient artifacts.

The Eren Lab can create any artifact from the last three million years of prehistoric technology, and then reverse engineer it via shooting, using, cutting, or breaking.  It possesses its own ballistics range, several kilns, an Instron Universal Materials Tester, a forge, potter's wheel, stone tool production area, among several other features.  The lab also houses several hundred thousand artifacts spanning the last 12,000 years of Ohio prehistory, from the very first Stone Age colonizers to just before European contact.

Our host, Dr. Metin I. Eren, Harvard '05, is a Northeast Ohio native, growing up in Avon Lake and graduating from St. Ignatius High School in 2001.  He received his Harvard A.B. in Anthropology in 2005; his Southern Methodist University (SMU) M.A. in Anthropology from in 2007; his M.A. in Experimental Archaeology from the University of Exeter, England in 2009; and his Ph.D. in Anthropology from SMU in 2011. He returned home in 2016 and built the Eren Laboratory for Prehistoric and Experimental Archaeology at Kent State University.

$10 per adult, $5 per child (under 12) or $25 per family. Fees will be collected at the tour.

Please RSVP to Mary Ann Lasch at