Welcome from our Club officers

Brandon Mordue (President) HLS '14

Connie Lopez (Treasurer) Harvard College '88

Priya Travassos (Secretary) Harvard College '96


We welcome alumni from all of Harvard University's many schools and programs to join in Club sponsored events and activities.

We hope you will enjoy the unique opportunities that the Club provides, including


  • Have dinner and listen to a lecture by a Harvard professor
  • See a play by Shakespeare with a Shakespearean scholar
  • Tour a museum with its curator and see places not accessible to the public
  • Enjoy exclusive networking events

If you have questions, please contact the Club at info@hcneo.org


The Club offers a variety of events to develop relationships, inspire curiosity and foster intellectual stimulation, and serve our local community and the University.  Dues are essential to continuing this work.  Please show your support by joining or renewing your membership!

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Volunteer for University and local events

Join your fellow alumni in giving back -- to Harvard, to Northeast Ohio, and to the world.  We welcome and encourage all members to get involved!

For more information, please contact the Club at info@hcneo.org.


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