unnamed-2Welcome from our Club President

It’s a strange moment to become chapter president. We’re all navigating a strange and difficult year, and Covid-19 has made it temporarily impossible for our Club to hold cherished in-person events without jeopardizing our members’ health. Past President Mary Ann Lasch left me some big shoes to fill even before the pandemic hit. But the Club will come through this difficult time, and I feel lucky to help find our way forward. 


    Our Club’s most precious asset is our members, and as long as we stick together we’ll thrive. Our events will be virtual this year, but we will have as many events or more. We won’t be able to watch the Game but will spend Game Day beating the Yalies in our first-annual trivia contest. (Sign up to beat Yale!) We won’t be sharing meals but will be sharing joint events with Harvard Clubs across Ohio. We’ll still have speakers and panels and chances to socialize. We’ll have just as many terrible jokes on Zoom as I was going to tell you in person. I’ve been thrilled by our virtual events so far: talks on Covid-19 and the Pleaides meteor shower, our panel on racism and public health, and our upcoming Ohio-wide presentation by Suzanne Nossel ’91 on free speech in the internet age. Look for more event announcements in your inbox soon.


    I’m grateful for the energy and creativity of our Board, who’ve crafted extraordinary events on the fly, and I’m excited about the ideas they’re developing for winter and spring. Our club has never had a year like this one, so it’s the perfect time to experiment and see what works. And your suggestions for possible events are very welcome.


    I’m humbled and hopeful to be part of this moment in our Club’s shared history. I’ll look forward to seeing all of your faces on my glowing screen and to shaking all of your hands in better times.


    Jim Marino, Harvard College ‘91



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